Timber Construction: Augmented Reality Digitizes Prefabrication

Arbeiter von oben mit HoloLens 2 mit einem Werkzeug an einer Spanplatte, darauf digitale Markierungen

Prefabrication in Timber Construction goes Digital

Precise construction is crucial for the efficient design and assembly of timber construction elements at the element construction table. With the help of a printed 2D construction plan, skilled workers know which wooden elements go in which place. In addition to a good eye and free hands, they also need spatial imagination.

Augmented reality digitizes, simplifies, and accelerates this manual, time-consuming process.

Augmented Reality in Timber Construction: HoloLens 2 Brings the Plan to the Board

The woodtec AR Utility replaces paper plans in the prefabrication of wooden walls. All information is displayed true-to-life at the workplace, which enables much more efficient work.

Individual components are marked with three-digit codes that skilled workers communicate to the HoloLens 2 by voice command – leaving their hands free. The AR glasses then guide the worker to the correct position on the worktable using the codes and display the CAD construction plan. The construction plan is easily loaded into the app in advance.

The app then guides the worker step by step through the prefabrication process and visualizes the areas to be machined with lines and exact dimensions on the wood.

The underlying framework is always visible via “X-ray vision”, which is very helpful when tacking the paneling, for example. Depending on the work step, the worker can align the construction plan in different directions, rotate it or show and hide relevant information on the plan.

During all work steps, both hands remain free for the worker. The result: Their work speed increases, and the rate of errors decreases.

AR in Timber Construction: These are the Advantages

  • A digital CAD plan is always in view: either correctly located on the worktop or in a floating, interactive window with zoom and movement functions.
  • Using QR codes, the app automatically locates itself on the worktop
  • Virtual lines on the worktop show exactly where which component belongs
  • Visual guidance through each work step
  • Digital X-ray view through wood covers to the underlying structure
  • Workers have both hands free and can work faster
  • Digitized information facilitates collaboration

Woodtec moves from being a pure machine supplier to a digitization partner for its own customers

With Augment IT’s augmented reality app, woodtec empowers its own customers to work faster and more precisely and can also position itself as a digitization partner that is familiar with new, more efficient work processes beyond machine technology. This is a true competitive advantage.

Woodtec and Augment IT use customer feedback in the further development of the app: Together with skilled workers, the application is continuously expanded with new functions that make prefabricated timber construction even faster and more efficient.

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