How Augmented Reality can improve efficiency in logistics

Our step-by-step guide for boosting digital efficiency with Vuforia Studio
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Technological advances are creating many new opportunities. Together with our client Gilgen Logistics, we are driving digitalization in intralogistics. In this article, we’ll showcase the application possibilities in the entire process. 

Gilgen Logistics has been at the cutting edge of intralogistics systems for over 6 decades now and has been boosting digitalization for years. Their goal of using digitalization for their systems is, to become an important part of the customers’ value chain. One of the most important aspects of digitalization is of course augmented reality technology. For example, within sales presentations where the 3D models can be inspected at a one-to-one scale or in a miniaturized format. Or in production where they have used hundreds of printouts but now can work completely digital with having all relevant 3D data and documents at hand. Not to forget AR in maintenance, where 3D-animations are overlayed over the real object. This all leads to saving time, avoiding mistakes, and reducing costs.

PTC offers an out of box solution with Vuforia Studio to create your own AR experiences optimized for smartphones/tablets, data glasses, Mixed Reality Headsets. The ideal way to start with this new technology is to find your right AR partner who will guide you through the process. As an official partner of PTC, we support our customers from the very beginning of the AR journey, all the way until they can use AR productively.  When it comes to implementing a new technology it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, we from Augment IT by Netcetera offer a step-by-step program that can help your business get started with Vuforia studio.

What is our project approach?

1. Having a solid idea and bringing it into a Storyboard is key

First, we take care that your story has a user-centered focus and is aligned with the feature set, that Vuforia Studio is offering. Our knowledge of building custom-made AR applications from scratch helps you overcome the first phase with no ease. Without a good story, you would not end up with a good experience at all. With our own UX engineers at hand, we can offer best-practice approaches and expertise from the bottom up.

2. Agile approach for a seamless AR experience

As an agile software development company, we ensure to make the overall AR experience perfect following agile methods to successfully complete the project goal. This assures that we do not invest in nice-to-have things but tackle first the most important quests. Also, as a customer, you have the benefit to be able to test early and often and will not miss raising your hand if there would be an occasion.

3. Release for different device types

Although Vuforia Studio supports different device types, each project must be set up for a specific device type such as smartphones/tablets, and HoloLens 2. Any time we release an experience for a specific device type, we make sure that the UX and UI are well adapted and run smoothly.

4. Define your KPIs

Last but not least, it is crucial to define certain objectives that should be achieved with AR. This can be to save time, reduce training costs, increase marketing activities & much more.

What was the main challenge Gilgen had before started using AR?

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemics and multiple restrictions, Gilgen Logistics was not able to send sales agents on-site to demonstrate their products to potential clients. This was the starting point, to think about how AR could solve this problem and they contacted us. Only a few months later, Gilgen Logistics is already using Vuforia Studio on a current base, to reinvent customer meetings with interactive presentations in 3D with Augmented Reality. But it doesn’t stop here. Here are some other use cases of Gilgen Logistics:

Facility walks with Augmented Reality

Gilgen uses Vuforia Studio to guide potential clients through their facility with Augmented Reality. The client can therefore see systems but also product extensions virtually in 3D – just by using a tablet or HoloLens 2.

Digitalization with AR – From big systems to every single screw

A fully customized digital installation of the system. For this, we need all individual elements to be accurately captured in the system. In Gilgen Logistics, the data is prepared only once and then passed throughout the process, gradually using more data and parameters, supplementing and enhancing them, as in a modular system. At the end of this process, the customer’s specific installation will be digitally recorded for each individual component.

AR support for every workflow: Inspection, maintenance, service, and repairs

During the pre-assembly process, every installed component is provided with a unique QR code which is created according to the GS1 Swiss standard. With a simple scan, the user can access all of the data for that element from the database in 3D. Field service technicians, clients and everyone involved in the process can easily access all of the relevant information and reports just by using their smartphone or tablet.

“Augmented reality allows us to present to potential customers the facilities they want, with their full configurations, using 3D to walk them through the facility directly on site. This technology also makes it possible to project expansions directly into an existing facility, allowing customers to visualize them better”

Daniel Fricker, Gilgen Logistics, Head of Development and Engineering


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