Augmented Reality Demos at Innovation Experience Day

Innovation Experience Day

The ewz Innovation Experience Day was held at Kraftwerk in Zurich at the end of May. We had a stand at the event, and took the opportunity to put on some augmented reality demonstrations on a HoloLens, iPad, iPhone and the Asus ZenFone. Visitors had the chance to test an augmented reality check list, view machines in 3D and take a look at learning materials. Furthermore, we demonstrated how to make supply infrastructure and other subterranean facilities visible. The visitors were also given a lowdown of all the things that are possible today with augmented reality and mixed reality (AR & MR).

Augmented reality makes maintenance more efficient

Our AR check list offers new possibilities when it comes to maintenance work on facilities and complex products. The solution guides the service technician through a list of real, physical checkpoints. It provides them with useful additional information, images and figures at the right time and warns of erroneous or dangerous procedural steps. Thus, the process as a whole is performed more quickly, and means that even those employees who are less qualified are able to perform these tasks. Upon completion, the solution generates a report of completed and incomplete checkpoints and a status display (OK / not OK).

Augmented reality adds value to training, schooling and on-the-job training

Our solution for training and schooling helps companies to train their employees to repair facilities and products more effectively and efficiently. Employees can move freely around the 3D object in question, open and disassemble the machine and thus deepen their understanding of its functionality and inner workings. This enables routine security training sessions to be executed with maximum effect.

Augmented reality makes subterranean infrastructure visible

Due to inexact positioning data, supply and telecommunications lines are frequently subjected to massive damage during the excavation of building sites for maintenance purposes. Augmented reality makes it possible to visualize subterranean water pipes, electrical lines and other supply infrastructure and facilities. It enables workers to see exactly what infrastructure lies below a street before it is dug up.

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