Augment IT breaks new ground with Paraverse-platform for paraplegics and prepares it for Apple Vision Pro 


Augment IT, a leading international Extended Reality (XR) company, continues to develop the groundbreaking Paraverse platform for AR devices. The platform, which is specifically tailored to the needs of paraplegics, is already available for Magic Leap 2 and will be optimized for use with Apple Vision Pro. 

Augment IT developed the Paraverse platform on the initiative of the Swiss Paraplegic Center (SPC) and tested it in close collaboration. Over more than a year, the team gained valuable insight into what tetraplegics and paraplegics need and how those needs can best be met.  People with spinal cord injuries are currently confined to their beds and require constant assistance, even turning a page in a book. 

This image is a screenshot of the product and may not represent the final version

The Paraverse-platform provides users with barrier-free access to the digital world. This includes core functions such as making phone calls, reading messages, surfing the Internet, or continuing education and entertainment on video platforms – all controlled with the eyes.  

In addition, high-resolution panoramic photos, and videos, especially the Vision Pro’s 3D videos, allow you to relive memories in a whole new way – as if you’re part of the experience. With the new 3D Personas, users can connect with family and friends outside the clinical environment using FaceTime or Microsoft Teams and thus maintain relationships. Apple Vision Pro’s precise eye tracking allows them to make decisions completely on their own. This greatly enhances their quality of life. Privacy is also protected because, unlike traditional screens, only the patient is able to see the content in the headset.  

The feedback from the limited number of initial trials of the Apple Vision Pro has been very encouraging. Patients have been very enthusiastic, and we have gained valuable insights for further development this year.  

The goal is to make the platform available to hospitals and specialty clinics worldwide. The software currently runs on the Magic Leap 2 and will soon be available for the Apple Vision Pro.  

Luca Jelmoni, CEO of SPC, emphasizes the importance of the Paraverse platform for patients: “The possibilities to communicate with their loved ones, reflect on experiences, learn new things independently, or transform the space you see every day into a completely new world – these possibilities can transform and significantly enrich the lives of our patients.” 

The Paraverse platform is more than just a technological innovation. It improves the quality of life and can be a great help in coping with everyday life, especially in the beginning. This enormous added value has been confirmed several times by patients in the early stages of the project. The product is now being continuously developed and will gradually be made available to other clinics. 

Reto Grob, CEO of Augment IT, is especially pleased with the positive feedback: “It was clear to us that immersive technologies create entirely new user experiences in many application areas. Paraverse is an initiative close to our heart because the value for the user is enormous. We have already proven this with Magic Leap 2 – and now with the launch of Apple Vision Pro, we have another technically outstanding platform in our long-term plan to significantly improve the lives of people with disabilities.” 


About Augment IT 

Augment IT is a leading international company in the field of Extended Reality (XR) with a clear focus on industry, transportation, and healthcare. The company delivers innovative XR software solutions that create real value for its customers. With well-known customers such as ÖBB, Hilti, and Arxada, and offices in Switzerland, Germany, and North Macedonia, Augment IT is consolidating its position as an ambitious XR start-up. 

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