Press Release: Augment IT Branches Out as Independent XR Company

Augment IT spins off as a separate company from the Swiss software company Netcetera to put a strong focus on the ever-increasing potential in the augmented and virtual reality market. The former founder and CEO of Netcetera supports this move and is the new main shareholder of Augment IT AG.

[Zurich], [June 30, 2023] – Augment IT, the business unit that has been operating within the internationally renowned software company Netcetera, headquartered in Switzerland since 2017, is delighted to announce its establishment as an independent entity. This strategic decision allows the newly formed Augment IT AG to fully concentrate on the XR market, facilitating the pursuit of new partnerships and enhancing the marketing of its products and services.

Augment IT holds a prominent position as a leading international provider of software solutions in the enterprise XR market. With its range of SaaS offerings, customized development, and consulting services, the company caters to various industries including transportation, logistics and healthcare. Noteworthy clients such as ÖBB, Hilti, Andritz, Arxada, and local partners like the City of Zurich are listed among its satisfied customers.

The founding team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive expertise in the XR domain. CEO Reto Grob, the former founder and managing director of the Augment IT business unit, along with Elias Remele, who assumes the roles of CSO and deputy managing director, will steer the company to new heights.

“Thanks to a seamless transition and a well-coordinated team, we are excellently positioned to continue serving our customers with our trademark innovation and unwavering commitment to quality.”

Reto Grob

Augment IT has also secured significant support from Andrej Vckovski, the visionary entrepreneur who founded Netcetera AG 25 years ago, transforming it into an internationally recognized company specializing in banking software with over 800 employees. Andrej Vckovski is enthusiastic about Augment IT’s potential and has decided to invest in this promising venture, aiming to create yet another success story.

“The spin-off of Augment IT from Netcetera AG represents a pivotal step in unlocking our full potential in the XR field,” commented Andrej Vckovski, investor of Augment IT and founder of Netcetera AG. “I am deeply impressed by the team’s expertise and unwavering dedication, and I am confident that Augment IT will set new industry standards.”

As the largest XR company in Switzerland, Augment IT solidifies its position as a leading provider and maintains a strong presence with offices in Bern, Zurich, as well as Germany and North Macedonia.

About Augment IT:

Augment IT is a renowned international company specializing in extended reality (XR), with a specific focus on industries such as manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare. The company delivers innovative XR software solutions, creating tangible value for its clients. With prestigious clients like ÖBB, Hilti, and Arxada, and offices located in Switzerland, Germany, and North Macedonia, Augment IT establishes itself as the largest XR startup, poised for continued success.

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