AR Workshop in Liechtenstein

What is still in its infancy today is already revolutionizing the working world of tomorrow: At a workshop of the Digital Liechtenstein initiative, we demonstrated how augmented reality and conversational interfaces are pushing into the business world.

Pokemon Go, an Augmented Reality-based smartphone game launched in the summer of 2016, thrilled the crowds. Players all over the world were drawn outdoors to hunt monsters with their smartphone camera. The possibility of merging the real and virtual worlds holds enormous potential not only for game developers – the technology is already pushing into the everyday lives of many people. Today, hardly any car is built without a head-up display that shows the most important driving data directly in the driver’s field of vision.

We are convinced that the technology will also shape many people’s everyday working lives in the near future. At a workshop held in the context of the initiative Digital Liechtenstein at the Technopark in Vaduz, our experts demonstrated how virtual reality headsets like the HoloLens can already be used to make the maintenance of railway cars more efficient, how complex industrial machines can be projected into training rooms as virtual 3D models for training purposes, or how doctors can be supported in the preparation of difficult operations.

Through the various examples, the approximately 70 workshop participants gained an exciting insight into the many possible applications of the new technology and were able to convince themselves of its practical suitability during the break with one of the HoloLenses on their heads.

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