This is how Augmented Reality digitalizes Machinery and Plant Engineering at Häny

Mitarbeiter von Häny mit HoloLens 2 auf dem Kopf inspiziert eine gelbe Injektionsanlage

With Augmented Reality, companies increase efficiency and quality in the inspection processes of Plants and Machines, as the case of Häny AG impressively shows.  

Independence through innovation in machinery and plant engineering

Travel restrictions due to the pandemic, long distances between branch offices, a shortage of skilled workers: these are just but a few of the reasons why the industry is increasingly undergoing digital transformation. New telepresence technologies such as augmented reality are succeeding in bridging the gap between on-site work and digital assistance.

Häny AG is a traditional Swiss company for pump and system technology. In mid-2021, the specialist for mixing and injection plants (MIT) was facing the above-mentioned challenges. There were divergent work processes at the various sites, which resulted in different execution qualities.

Consequently, Häny wants to position itself more efficiently through innovative technologies: Augmented reality and digital checklists are to ensure consistent quality of work steps for inspections on machines across all locations.

In addition, the negative consequences of fluctuation among trained employees are to be mitigated: When specialists leave the company, the know-how they have built up over time is lost. How can expertise in a company be documented quickly and easily?

Augmented Reality and MIT Machines: Efficient Inspection Processes

The augmented reality app Inspect AR from Augment IT, with AR headsets such as the HoloLens 2, visualizes individual work steps in a structured way directly in the field of vision of the person wearing the headset. During the process, information and instructions in the employee’s field of vision explain each procedure simply and clearly.

If desired, assembly drawings can be superimposed – manuals and paper instructions become obsolete. Instead, video instructions make each step straightforward and easy to follow – regardless of what language is used. In addition, digital markings in the room and on the machines indicate the inspection points, making them impossible to miss.

Inspection instructions and inspection points can be created directly on the digital twin, i.e., the CAD model of a machine, using a 3D editor. Since the machines at each location are identical in construction, the inspection process is also always the same: Inspection and assembly specialists create the instructions once, which are then rolled out digitally via the app internationally. Adjustments and updates to the work processes are possible at any time. This workflow saves time and money.

The visual step-by-step instructions are so intuitive that even untrained employees can perform an inspection. In Bulgaria, the first test run at Häny’s branch office was already proving successful: a colleague with no product experience followed the AR app’s inspection instructions and successfully carried out the inspection of an IC machine.

Unforeseeable technical incidents on a machine nevertheless require the support of specialists from time to time. Employees on site then make a call in the app via Microsoft Teams and show the experts from the service center what they see and exactly where the problem is using the “share screen” function. This is much more efficient than sending photos and descriptions via email or chat.

The documentation process via Inspect AR also increases quality and efficiency in the inspection process. While it was previously difficult or even impossible to create precise and easily traceable documentation, employees can now record inspection points directly in the app by taking a photo. The inspection log is automatically created and saved during the inspection. In the dashboard, inspections can also be tracked in real time, regardless of location.

The respective reports can be easily exported and sent to customers.

AR in maintenance at Häny: These are the advantages of Inspect AR

  • All information in the field of vision: Employees become experts in no time at all, even without direct training.
  • No more paper: Holographic blueprints and assembly drawings are overlaid while working on the machine.
  • Instant orientation: Every test step is displayed, employees are guided in a clear fashion – this prevents errors and omissions.
  • Making inspection processes visible: Seamless and automatic real-time documentation ensures quality and stores know-how digitally

Häny AG actively shapes the digital future of the company with Inspect AR

Häny chose Inspect AR from Augment IT to become more future-proof and crisis-proof, and to ensure the uniform quality of inspection processes across different locations. Augmented reality improves work processes within the company and thus communication with branch locations and customers. For the long-established company, AR-supported service offerings via app are a strong selling point.

Häny is already identifying other areas of application for the new technology. In addition to marketing, for example through spatial visualization of objects at trade shows, new options are emerging for customer service. In the future, the company plans to offer digital checklists in various versions for download to sales partners and end customers. For more information on Inspect AR, visit our website. Follow us for updates on LinkedIn, and you are welcome to contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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