Extended AR Experience for Bühler

Bühler’s CUBIC innovation campus enhanced with interior furnishings and animated roller mill

Augmented Reality Visualization

In this follow-up project, Bühler had the opportunity to further research augmented reality for teaching, design, and collaboration purposes. We have expanded upon the CUBIC innovation campus’ AR visualization capabilities with interior furnishings and roller mill animations. The visualization was created with PTC Vuforia Studio. The animations with PTC Creo Illustrate.

The case

In the first project step, we visualized Bühler’s new CUBIC innovation campus together with students using augmented reality. As part of this project with students, the existing “CUBIC” CAD data was converted to a scalable AR experience with the support of Augment IT.

The AR experience makes it possible to place the innovation campus in the real world in order to learn more about the building, explore the individual floors, and locate and view entrances and individual rooms.

In this second project step, we optimized the content and upgraded the innovation campus with interior furnishings. Now the individual elements are visible and explorable on each floor. The floors can also be individually placed and viewed in the real world. Visitors can overlay additional information as needed, learning everything they need to know about these individual elements.

“With this AR experience, we can enhance the presentation of the advantages of augmented reality for our company. With Augment IT by Netcetera, we have an excellent partner on our side.”

Andreas Bischof
Head of Apprenticeship
Bühler/Uzwil, Switzerland

In addition, we created an animation for a Bühler machine, the roller mill. In the experience, the roller mill was symbolically associated with the “maker space” and placed there. It can be viewed enlarged and explored in more detail. In an earlier AR experience, we were able to visualize learning content about the roller mill machines for Bühler using the Microsoft HoloLens in AR. We reworked the model for this experience and applied realistic textures.

Augmented reality makes it easy to learn and convey complex content. The learning experience is enhanced by the visual perception of an object or environment. Attention increases and the ability to learn improves.

Using Vuforia Studio, CAD data can be transformed into an AR experience with practically no programming knowledge. Creo lllustrate enables the user to quickly and easily create technical 3D illustrations, animated processes, and 2D drawings.

“Augmented reality (AR) provides important benefits for training and education. AR learning content provides diverse and individual access to learning, and complex content is easier to convey and understand with AR. It also makes learning mobile, so it can take place anywhere.”

Andreas Bischof
Head of Apprenticeship
Bühler/Uzwil, Switzerland

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