Bühler CUBIC Innovation Campus visualized using AR

Bühler CUBIC Innovation Campus visualized using augmented reality

November 5th, 2019

Reto Grob

We have visualized the CUBIC Innovation Campus of Bühler using augmented reality and PTC Vuforia Studio. In cooperation with the apprentices, we provided coaching and support in the implementation and thus enabled the Buhler apprentices to complete the project independently.

The case

Bühler CUBIC Innovation Campus visualized using augmented reality

The Bühler Group opened its CUBIC Innovation Campus in Uzwil on May 22, 2019. The new Innovation Campus is the physical bridge between the development, engineering and construction teams, the upgraded application centers, and production. This allows Bühler to develop market-ready solutions faster and more efficiently with customers, start-ups, and industry and research partners. Apprentices, trainees and researchers as well as new and experienced employees from all areas of the company work together here in project teams. Digital solutions are a major focus in CUBIC’s promotion of new methods of learning and continuing education.

The idea of visualizing the CUBIC using augmented reality (AR) to further exploit the technology and its benefits came up during construction. In a project with apprentices, existing CUBIC CAD data was transformed into a scalable AR experience with the help of Augment IT. The AR experience makes it possible to place the Innovation Campus in the real world and learn more about the building, explore its various floors, and locate and view entrances and individual rooms. Employees, customers and visitors learn the essentials about the CUBIC and can better orient themselves. In the next step, the AR experience will serve as a layout plan for the new Innovation Campus. The digital application was presented to visitors for the first time at the Bühler Networking Days 2019.

The experience is based on the latest augmented reality technology from PTC. Vuforia Studio easily transforms CAD data into an AR experience, with practically no programming skills required.

Augment IT is a PTC partner for Vuforia Studio. Do you want to know more about the possibilities of AR-visualizations? With PTC Vuforia you save manual work and make your CAD data easily available and scalable in AR. Do you want to create scalable industrial AR content with 3D overlays?

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“Augment IT provided us with excellent support in our initial steps with AR. Augment IT’s technological expertise and practical consulting experience have been extremely helpful.”

Roland Dinner
Head of Applications CAD/PDM for M2M Process
Bühler/Uzwil, Switzerland

“Existing CAD data could be implemented into Vuforia Studio smoothly and easily.”

Marco Akermann
Junior Project Engineer, Occupational Training
Bühler/Uzwil, Switzerland


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