Transforming Medical Training and Education at Swiss Paraplegic Zentrum with Inspect AR

Inspect AR training SPZ nurses

Swiss Paraplegic Zentrum (SPZ) is a true leader in healthcare innovation. Recognized for its forward-thinking patient care, SPZ has embarked on a transformative journey in nursing training and education with Inspect AR, our innovative software for Training & Onboarding.  

Current Situation:  

  • Traditional training methods lacked practicality 
  • Accessing experienced employee knowledge proved time-consuming 
  • Siloed and theoretical learning environments lacked collaboration among healthcare professionals 

New Ways of Learning with IBZ 

The Interprofessional Education Zone (IBZ) at the Swiss Paraplegic Zentrum (SPZ) was born during the COVID-19 pandemic when traditional schooling faced challenges. 

In this IBZ center, practitioners and students from medicine, nursing, and therapy are trained together – Monday to Friday. The IBZ room is modern, with flexible furniture, and equipped with the latest technology such as Inspect AR on HoloLens 2. 

Spearheaded by Reto Berwert and his team, this initiative has already yielded remarkable results, including enhanced patient care, improved resource utilization, and increased staff confidence. 

Onboarding “hands-free” with Inspect AR  

At the heart of SPZ’s transformative journey lies Inspect AR, a groundbreaking software that has revolutionized nursing education. By leveraging augmented reality (AR) technology, Inspect AR offers a dynamic learning experience that transcends traditional methods. Equipped with the latest advancements such as HoloLens 2, trainees at SPZ can now engage in semi-virtual learning experiences, where complex procedures are visualized in unprecedented detail.  

Nurses put the HoloLens 2 on their heads, scan a QR Code, and immediately are guided with virtual navigation and digital information step-by-step through the process. 

Through clear instructions, images, and checkpoints, nurses at SPZ engage in independent learning in real situations. Inspect AR facilitates quick access to experienced employee knowledge through short videos, enabling nurses to learn from their peers. 

Because they are both hands-free, they can execute various training hands-free while having all critical information in their field of view. 

Knowledge where it matters 

The results are immediately there: better patient care, fewer mistakes, and smarter resource use. It fosters teamwork, saves money, and boosts staff confidence.  

This way, nurses are not just practitioners; they are innovators who embrace technology to refine their skills. With the implementation of Inspect AR, their training has undergone a profound transformation, providing a dynamic learning journey that surpasses conventional methods. 

Benefits Brought by Inspect AR: 

  • Practical Learning: Nurses engage in hands-on learning, applying knowledge directly in real-world scenarios 
  • Efficient Access: Clear instructions and checkpoints ensure swift comprehension of essential concepts 
  • Knowledge Sharing: Visuals like photos and short videos provide immediate access to experienced employee insights, fostering continuous learning 
  • Collaborative Environment: Interprofessional education zones foster teamwork and mutual understanding among healthcare professionals 
  • Confidence Building: Nurses alternate leadership roles, enhancing confidence and competency in patient care 
  • Innovation Integration: Inspect AR seamlessly integrates theory and practice, driving innovation in nursing education 

Julia Gürber, a dedicated nurse at SPZ, confirms the transformative power of Inspect AR. With this tool, Julia gained a deeper understanding of the rehabilitation process and developed holistic perspectives. 

The integration of theory and practice in the IEZ fosters collaboration and mutual respect among healthcare professionals. As nurses like Julia share insights, their expertise grows, boosting confidence in delivering exceptional patient care. 

Michael Harder, Chief Physician of Paraplegiology at SPZ, recognizes Inspect AR’s profound impact on nursing education. He emphasizes the importance of leaving the traditional methods and embracing a collaborative approach to problem-solving. 

In conclusion, Inspect AR has emerged as a transformative force in nursing training and education at the Swiss Paraplegic Zentrum. By empowering nurses and students with knowledge and skills, SPZ sets new standards of excellence in patient care, shaping the future of healthcare. 

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