3D Model Editor: Create Digital Work Instructions Worldwide

Inspect AR is a comprehensive, scalable AR platform for companies. When it comes to maintenance, inspection, service, or training, you no longer need to rely on paper and pencil – Use your smartphone or headset and start a digitized inspection process supported by augmented reality!

A special feature in this context is the Augmented Reality Recorder. This makes it possible to record checkpoints on the real object via smartphone, tablet, or HoloLens 2, and save the work steps like a digital overlay on the machine, the system, or in entire rooms.

But what happens when employees on site do not have enough expertise to know where to place the checkpoints the first time? What if you need to create checklists or service manuals for customers without ever having seen their products?

Our latest feature offers the right solution for this matter: The Inspect AR 3D Model Editor

This feature allows 3D models to be imported easily and directly from the CAD program to the Inspect AR web platform. Once the model is uploaded, individual inspection points, including information (photos, videos, text), can be placed directly on the 3D model in the browser via drag & drop. This initially locates complete checklists, work instructions, and training in advance.


You do not have any 3D data? No problem. 3D data can be created easily these days, for example, with the integrated LiDAR scan function in iPhone 12 Pro. This allows you to scan total objects in 3D within a few minutes – upload them to the 3D editor – set the checkpoints – and get started!

This not only digitalizes know-how but also locates it in a real environment – without development experience, scripting, or coding, all within a few minutes!

The next time one of your employees finds himself in front of a machine on-site, they just need to start Inspect AR, select the relevant checklist, and all checkpoints will be displayed at the correct location via augmented reality. A distance indication and virtual arrows also ensure that your employees are guided safely and precisely from checkpoint to checkpoint.

With Inspect AR and augmented reality, all your employees can become experts instantly. This helps you increase quality while reducing errors at the same time. Moreover, the report function on our web platform makes the whole workflow transparent.

Since employees are guided safely from checkpoint to checkpoint with all information they need in their field of view, it’s also possible to use your team in a more flexible way. This also reduces training efforts: With AR navigation, new employees can work much more independently and are onboarded quicker in a productive environment.

Want to know more about how this works? We would be happy to show you the 3D Editor in a live demo, based on an import of your 3D model.

We look forward to getting to know you!

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